Pet Fire Safety Day: Top Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe

Posted by Krissy Howard

Pet Fire Safety Day is July 15, and by keeping these helpful tips in mind, you can ensure the safety of your furry friends all year long. 

When it comes to getting yourself to safety in the event of a fire, most people have a plan, but does that include pets? The American Kennel Club (AKC) asserts that 88% of pet owners consider their companion animals to be members of the family, so they're honoring our loved ones with safety tips in preparation for national Pet Fire Safety Day.

"One of the hallmarks of responsible dog ownership is keeping pets safe and planning for unexpected emergencies, including house fires," Lisa Peterson, a spokesperson for AKC, said in a recent statement.

"Pet proofing the home, developing pet-friendly escape routes and alerting rescuers your pet's presence with 'window clings' is the best way to keep your four-legged family member from harm."

A nasty house fire caused by a lightning strike **Note slight graininess, best at small sizes.

The first thing the AKC suggests is to take preventative measures by keeping your pets confined with a baby gate and/or crated away from potential fire-starting hazards anytime they're left alone, especially if they're young or particularly destructive. This includes keeping your four-legged friends away from space heaters, cooking appliances, electrical cords, lit candles, and obviously any open flame.

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Additional fire safety tips include:

1. Practice makes perfect.

By establishing an exit route and practicing your safety plan before a situation arises, you can be better prepared to think clearly in the event of an emergency. When possible, try to place your pets near a door so the fire department will know where to find them.

2. Always be prepared.

The last thing you'll want to be doing in the face of a fire will be running around looking for leashes and carrying crates, so save yourself the trouble by keeping these items and an emergency kit close to your exit door.

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3. Stay protected.

Always be sure to keep working batteries in your smoke detectors. For an extra measure of protection, connect your detectors to a monitoring center in case the batteries go out. Monitored smoke detectors and smoke alarms are imperative in a solid evacuation plan.

4. Advertise.

The best way to let fire department or official personnel know that your pet is somewhere inside your home is to write it right on the walls, or in this case, the windows. Window clings and stickers will easily inform rescue teams of the number of animals they need to be looking for. You can order a free one from ADT here.

5. Stay updated.

Keep your window clings updated, as well as any microchip information and registration in case someone gets out and goes missing.

Keep your pets safe this July 15, and every day, by practicing responsible pet ownership at all times! Dog owners and other pet parents should also check out the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for more critical information on home fires and pet rescue tips.

How are you and your pets prepared for a fire or other disaster? Do you have an escape plan? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Pet Fire Safety Day: Top Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe