Pet Ball Python Meets Fleece Blanket...Delusion Ensues

Posted by TF Oren

Surprise! This is not a cat video...

It's a pet snake video-- a ball python video, to be exact. And an amusing one at that.

Ever feel like you're busting your hump, but just not getting anywhere? Welcome to this pet ball python's world.

You can tell by the pace of his slither that this snake is on his way somewhere important. He's got his eye on the prize nothing will keep him from reaching it.

Well, nothing except the pesky fleece blanket underneath him. This is a case of pet snake vs. fleece, and unfortunately for our reptilian friend, fleece seems to be winning.

Despite his valiant efforts, he's not going anywhere fast. Watch this pet snake cruising to nowhere:

This is one snake who just won't quit. If stationary slithering were an olympic event, this guy would be serpentining his way straight to Rio.

We're all familiar with cotton's slogan. It's "the fabric of our lives," after all.

And now, after seeing this video, it looks as though another popular fabric might have earned itself a catchy new slogan. Fleece: the enemy of progress.

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Pet Ball Python Meets Fleece Blanket...Delusion Ensues