Novice Equestrian: Perfect Online Gear for the New Horse Owner

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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If you know someone who's a new horse owner, this is some of the perfect gear you can find right on Amazon. 

Sometimes shopping isn't the most enjoyable thing in the world. If you're tired of crowded stores and crazy parking lots, we have the solution for you: Amazon. If you have a friend or family member who is a new horse owner, there are some perfect gifts that you can find right online.

We've done all the legwork for you; here's a great shopping list of gifts to choose from.

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1. Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit


You'll come across a lot of cheap grooming kits out there. This seven-piece grooming kit by Oster features quality grooming tools which are designed to last.

These tools include rubber handles and grips for improved security, and they're designed with the true horseperson in mind.

Get this kit for $49.99

2. Perri's Track Style Leather Turnout Halter with Snap


Every horse deserves a high-quality leather halter. This turnout halter by Perri's is Amish-made for excellent quality. The hardware is brass covered with chrome for a stylish look, and the double buckle crown allows for a tailored fit.

Grab this halter for $53.52 - $59.95.

3. Heritage Winter Trail Glove


No one likes to lose an entire season of riding, but riding in the winter can be cold and uncomfortable.

These winter riding gloves by Heritage feature a polarfleece inside liner for added warmth. The leather is designed to allow for a soft and natural grip on the reins for increased comfort and security.

Get these gloves for $23.30 - $44.95.

4. STUD MUFFINS 1060/1050 Stud Muffins Horse Treat, 60 oz


When it comes to horse treats, there's no beating Stud Muffins. These treats are soft and palatable, plus they smell absolutely delicious.

Splurge and get a new horse owner a big container of these treats - they won't last long!

Shop these treats for $25.40.

5. Tough-1 Softfleece Contour Cooler Medium Black


A cooler is a must-have piece of equipment for any horse owner in the fall and winter. This cooler is made of Softfleece, which helps to wick moisture from the horse's coat so he doesn't get chilled. As an added bonus, this cooler is available in many different colors.

Get this blanket for $38.07

6. Horse Aid First Aid Kit

horse-aidLooking for a gift that a new horse owner will put to use? Every horse owner should be equipped with a quality equine first-aid kit, and this kit does the job.

The Horse Aid kit contains a variety of basic first-aid materials that every horse owner should have on hand, just in case.

Get this kit for $66.49

7. Weatherbeeta Freestyle 1680D Detach-A-Neck Heavy Blanket


If a new horse owner will be blanketing their horse, they'll need an assortment of blankets. This Weatherbeeta Freestyle blanket is suitable for turnout, and it features a belly flap for extra warmth and security.

This fancy blanket costs $222.19.

8. Roma Circle Quilt Pads


You can never go wrong by giving someone saddle pads. Pads wear out and get dirty, plus they're fun to collect.

This Roma saddle pad is available in lots of fun colors, and its nylon billet straps provide security while in use.

Shop this pad in lots of different colors for $19.99 - $39.60.

9. River's Edge Horseshoe Picture Frame


A new horse owner will be taking plenty of pictures, and will need a way to display them. This cute horseshoe frame is a gift that any new horse owner is sure to put right to use in their home.

Get this picture frame for $12.96.

Have some great ideas? Head over to Amazon and get shopping for that new horse owner in your life!

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Novice Equestrian: Perfect Online Gear for the New Horse Owner