6 Equine Products for That Awesome Horse in Your Life

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Do you have an awesome horse in your life who deserves some great treats? We have some perfect ideas for you. 

Our horses give us a lot. They're our companions, our therapy, and our partners in sport. They're patient with us when we're still learning and they're always happy to teach us a lesson or two.

We need to reward our horses for everything that they do for us more often. Need ideas? We've found some perfect gifts for that awesome horse in your life.

The German Minty Muffins All Natural Horse Treats


Does your horse love molasses? Peppermints? These horse treats combine the best of both worlds into one bite-sized treat.

The rodent-proof plastic container is an added bonus, and will keep your treats protected and fresh - though we doubt they'll last long!

Buy a box here

Horsemen's Pride Stall Snack Holder with Apple-Scented Jolly Ball for Horses

stall-snackWinter weather means that your horse may be spending more time in his stall. This awesome stall toy will help to keep your horse entertained.

He can play with the green apple scented ball portion, and the snack portion is sure to keep his attention all night long.

Buy one here

Vet Liniment Gel 12 oz. by Absorbinelinimnet

Your horse will love you if you get him some liniment for Christmas. This liniment gel by Absorbine is easy to apply, and you can feel it working on your hands, too.

Plus you can't beat the smell - it smells delicious!

Buy a bottle here

"Beyond Horse Massage: A Breakthrough Interactive Method for Alleviating Soreness, Strain, and Tension"


Want to give your horse a gift that will last for years? Learn how to do some basic equine massage.

This book provides a great overview of equine massage and gives you the skills you need to be able to perform a basic massage on your horse.

Buy the book here

ThinLine Ultra Sheepskin Comfort Half Pad


Sore backs are a common issue among riding horses. You can help to prevent and relieve your horse's back pain.

The ThinLine Ultra Sheepskin Comfort Pad does a wonderful job of absorbing shock while also distributing your weight evenly across your horse's back. Your horse is sure to thank you.

Buy the pad here

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Horse Rug


Want to really give your horse a great Christmas gift? Then consider the Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Horse Rug. This rug reflects your horse's body heat back at him for a thermal warmth which helps with improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and improved muscle recovery.

It's a great way to warm your horse up or help him recover after a workout.

Buy the blanket here.

Which items will be in your horse be surprised with?

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6 Equine Products for That Awesome Horse in Your Life