Why People Are Attracted to Horses

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This gorgeous brief documentary takes a look at the dedication of riders and trainers and just why people are attracted to horses. 

If you love horses, then you know the feeling; that gripping desire to simply be in the presence of these animals. It is something that often takes hold when we're children, sneaking its way in until suddenly, it's just there, and you know that no matter what, you have to make horses part of your world. You may not even know why you are attracted to horses - you just know you have to be with them.

Being attracted to horses is something that affects countless people worldwide. The connection is stronger in some, prompting them to dedicate their lives to working with these animals. Others make sacrifices, like driving a used car or living in a cheaper apartment, so that they can afford to participate in this rather expensive hobby.

And for some, like the trainers in this video, being involved with horses means working a full-time job each day before heading to the barn to ride and train.

So why, exactly, are people attracted to horses? The exact cause is unknown. Maybe it's the fact that horses resemble factors that we want in our lives, like freedom, grace, and strength. Maybe it's the urge to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Or maybe it's the potential of developing a strong bond without speaking a single word that calls to us in today's busy world.

Whatever the reason, the connection between horses and humans is undeniable. If you're horse-crazy and are trying to find a way to keep horses in your life, just know that you're not alone. We're all out here doing the same thing, making sacrifices and working tirelessly so that we can enjoy more time in the presence of horses.

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Why People Are Attracted to Horses