Horse Owners Get Creative During Hurricane Irma

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Sherri Stoy via Facebook

Facing Hurricane Irma and unable to evacuate their horses, some horse owners got creative in how they kept their horses safe. 

As Hurricane Irma headed into Florida, thousands of people evacuated, many of them with their animals in tow. Many horses in the areas that were to be hit the hardest were also evacuated, but for some horse owners, evacuating wasn't a possibility. Whether it was due to the logistics of finding a trailer or the cost of evacuating, some owners decided to ride out the storm with their horses.

But that didn't mean that the horses were left to fare Hurricane Irma alone. Nope. These determined horse owners made other arrangements, and actually brought their horses into their houses.

Georgia Mott of Okeechobee County, Florida captured these videos as she and her roommate brought their horses into their house to ride out the hurricane. Georgia noted that their house is made of poured concrete, so they used it to shelter their family, their two horses, and their six dogs. The horses were stalled in the laundry room.

Posted by Georgia Mott on Saturday, September 9, 2017

But Georgia wasn't the only one with the idea that the horses would be safest inside. Sherri Stoy chose not to evacuate her senior horses, so she brought them into her living room, instead. The four horses enjoyed makeshift stalls in Sherri's living room.

Sherri Stoy via Facebook
Sherri Stoy via Facebook
Sherri Stoy via Facebook

Sherri updated her post to share that everyone made it through the storm safely. It turns out that her choice to bring her horses inside was a good one; she found that half of her barn had been destroyed, and the fence was down.

But that's not all. Horses That Help, a nonprofit group that helps children with special needs, rode out the hurricane with eight horses in their concrete block living room in Palm Beach. They also posted an update - everyone made it through the storm fine, and the horses are delighted to be outside again.

Riding out #Irma with 8 horses in our concrete block living room! 16 hours in, not sure how many more to go! #HorsesThatHelp #donottrythisathome 😂

Posted by Horses That Help on Sunday, September 10, 2017

While having horses inside a house is far from ideal, these horse owners have proven that when you're in the middle of a disaster, you do whatever you have to in order to keep your family safe.
How far would you go to keep your animals safe in a disaster? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Horse Owners Get Creative During Hurricane Irma