Pennsylvania Now Has a Drive-Thru Only for Dogs

Posted by Paige Cerulli
dog drive-thru
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If you're in Pennsylvania, then you might want to treat your dog to a trip through the drive-thru only for dogs. 

Does your dog recognize when you're going through the drive-thru at the bank or the doughnut shop, because he always gets a treat of some sort? Rather than having to give your dog a glazed munchkin or a Milkbone, you can now get him his very own meal at Pennsylvania's first drive-thru for dogs.

Bane & Vader's opened its doors this past Saturday. The specialty drive-thru truly has a menu that's for the dogs - and only for the dogs. Dog owners can create their own bowls of food for their dogs, providing them with meals even when they're on the go.

The drive-thru offers small, medium, and large bowl sizes to accommodate all different breeds. Owners can choose from a protein type (chicken, turkey, salmon, or ground beef), two vegetables, and a grain (white rice, brown rice, lentils, or bran). Then, you can add on "extra scoops" of foods like eggs, yogurt, pumpkin, or peanut butter.

In short, it's fast food for dogs, but of a much higher quality than what we feed ourselves at drive-thrus. The store is independently owned and for now, there's only one location - find it at 2477 Birch Street, Easton, Pennsylvania.

Do you think that doggy drive-thrus will be the next big thing? If you're in Pennsylvania, be sure to check out Bane & Vader's website for more information.

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Pennsylvania Now Has a Drive-Thru Only for Dogs