When Pedro the Mini Horse Has a Problem, These Kids Have Solutions

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Pedro the Miniature Horse can't see out of his stall door, the Ebony Horse Club members come up with some super creative solutions. 

Life can be challenging when you're a Miniature Horse housed in a barn that's built for full-sized horses. That's what Pedro the Miniature Horse discovered when he couldn't see out of his stall door - the door was taller than he was. So, members of the Ebony Horse Club set about coming up with a solution to help Pedro out.

The horse club members each brainstormed up potential ideas to solve Pedro's problem. And the ideas are a perfect example of how creative kids can be. From high heels to having Pedro stand on the back of a taller horse, there are tons of super fun ideas to choose from.

Ultimately, the riding club put together a Pedroscope - a take on a periscope. The Pedroscope featured multiple mirrors so that Pedro could see what's happening beyond his stall door. In a subsequent video, Pedro is treated to a shorter stall door so that he can more easily see and interact with people and horses in the yard.

Horse clubs are great for kids, and the Ebony Horse Club created an excellent problem solving and creativity building activity out of a real-world problem. When kids are around horses, they learn valuable problem-solving skills. Being part of a riding club also helps to build a child's social skills, confidence, and sportsmanship. Riding provides a great physical activity, and there's endless information to learn about horse health, care, and riding.

The Ebony Horse Club is established in one of the most deprived areas of the United Kingdom. This club helps young people to learn life skills as they care and ride horses. Be sure to visit their website to learn more about this special club.

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When Pedro the Mini Horse Has a Problem, These Kids Have Solutions