Peanut Butter Dog Photographer to Release New Book with Just Rescued Pit Bulls

Posted by Stacey Venzel
pit bulls
All photos via Greg Murray.

Get ready to smile wide with Greg Murray's pit bull and peanut butter photography.

Pit Bulls. Just pit bulls and peanut butter.

Did we mention rescued pit bulls?

We didn't think Cleveland-based photographer Greg Murray could make us smile any bigger, but then he announced the pending publication of his newest photographic endeavor, and our hearts melted.

dogs peanut butter

Murray first made a name for himself with his successful Kickstarter campaign for a coffee table book filled with pups licking peanut butter off their faces. The book, aptly titled "Peanut Butter Dogs," is now available on Amazon for pre-order prior to its March 14, 2017 release date.

peanut butter dogs

But this next project will feature only pit bulls, all of them rescues. Similar to the original book, bios will accompany each portrait.

pit bulls

When we asked Murray what was the most rewarding part of his work, he had a simple answer. He told Wide Open Pets:

"The best part of what I do is making people laugh and smile. I basically get paid to make people happy with photography."

He went on to tell us that his work is even more inspiring because of how much he interacts with rescue dogs and, specifically, pit bulls. Murray volunteers much of his time and talent to canine adoption and banning breed specific legislation (BSL).

pit bull peanut butter
Rosie was rescued after having her ears cropped with scissors to look "mean." Read her story here.

He told us:

"Photography can play a big role in helping a dog get adopted. When it comes to Pits, it can help in curbing the stigma of them being bad dogs to adopt."

Ironically, Murray's home base of Lakewood, Ohio passed breed discrimination laws in 2008. Viewed as one of Ohio's more progressive cities, the municipality still has yet to repeal the statute.

pit bull
Valentina was almost removed from Lakewood, OH due to BSL but DNA confirmed she was less than "50 percent pitty."

Murray, a leading activist for ending BSL, explained what this ruling means:

"If you have a dog that is 50% or more 'Pit Bull,' you are not allowed to live in our city with that dog. Even though study after study after study shows that BSL does not decrease dog bite incidences, the city has not changed the law."

pit bulls peanut butterWOP FB Contest Banner w borderWorking hands-on with pit bulls on the daily, Murray's voice carries weight, offering both opinion and fact. He points out that he personally has never had an aggressive incident with a pit bull, an experience he relates to "wonderful and responsible owners."

pit bull
Piper was in the shelter for a very long time with declining health. Murray said she would have likely been euthanized if not rescued when she was.

Murray told Wide Open Pets:

"[Pit Bulls] are actually my favorite to photograph because many of them have been through so much hardship and have come a long way. They've escaped abuse, sickness and being euthanized."

To protect city residents, Murray encourages non-specific breed legislation, like leash laws, be passed instead. He also advocates for owner accountability.

pit bull
Lucie had 85 percent of her body covered in mange as a puppy.

Because Murray's photography also involves the occasional human, he has captured his fair share of family portraits with pitties. He said:

"Many of the Pits I've photographed so far live with young children and do extremely well with them. The were once known as 'nanny' dogs for a reason."

pit bulls peanut butter

We're not surprised Murray was voted "Cleveland's Best Pet Photographer." He has captured the hearts of millions using his passion and skills for a good cause.

You can catch more photos of dogs and their peanut butter antics by following Murray on Instagram: @clegreg. Be sure to check out his website for upcoming pooch-related announcements.

How has breed specific legislation affected you and your dog? Share your story in the comments below.

All photos via Greg Murray.

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Peanut Butter Dog Photographer to Release New Book with Just Rescued Pit Bulls