Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Has Saved Thousands of Lives

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In the 16 years since it opened its doors, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has saved over 8,000 donkeys.

Founders Mark and Amy Meyers had no idea what was in store for them when they adopted their first pet donkey, Izzy, many years ago. After adopting Izzy, the Meyers began to notice that their community was home to many donkeys in need.

Amy began buying the abused and neglected donkeys she encountered, and Mark spent his days nursing them back to health from varying states of abuse and neglect. After welcoming donkey number 25, Mark and Amy decided it was time to make things official; Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue was born.

One of the rescue's many residents. Once thoroughly evaluated, suitable animals are placed up for adoption. Photo by Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

Now the largest rescue of its kind, the nonprofit boasts an army of dedicated employees and volunteers across the country. Headquartered in San Angelo, Texas, Peaceful Valley currently conducts rescue operations in 27 states and oversees the care of 3,200 donkeys in more than 30 locations.

The rescue has upwards of 20 satellite adoption centers scattered around the country. The San Angelo facility alone is home to 900 donkeys.

In addition to rescuing and caring for domesticated donkeys, Peaceful Valley also rescues wild burros. Animals that come to Peaceful Valley's facilities are evaluated, treated, and gentled, if necessary. Suitable animals are then placed up for adoption.

Check out the rescue's amazing work:

If you're interested in learning more about Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, adopting one of its donkeys, or making a donation to help Peaceful Valley continue saving lives, you can check out the rescue's official website.

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Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Has Saved Thousands of Lives