Tough-1 Great Grips Flex Finishing Horse Brush is a hand-held brush with two flexible joints that allow for better grip while removing surface dust from your horse. The light stroking motions also help to bring out a nice shine in your horse’s coat. The hand straps are adjustable for an even better handle grip.

Horsemen's Pride .Salt on a Rope Horse Treat helps reduce boredom while giving your horse the nutrients she needs. This horse treat features pure Himalayan salt that is incredibly dense to resist breakage from biting, making it last much longer than softer salt snacks. This beneficial treat helps your horse meet her sodium and chloride requirements for overall health

Rain Maker Hoof Moisturizer and Conditioner leaves hoofs with a healthy balance of moisture. It’s an advanced hoof dressing that helps restore and condition damaged hoofs, so they can absorb the stresses and shocks of daily life with ease. The triple action formula of Rain Maker Hoof Moisturizer and Conditioner leaves your horse with hoofs that attract, absorb and retain moisture.

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Provides repellency and quick knockdown of biting and nuisance flies, gnats, ticks, lice and mosquitoes. It keeps your horse safe from deer ticks which may transmit Lyme Disease, plus the water-resistant formula stays on through environmental conditions such sweat and rain.