'Paws of Gotham' Calendar Helps Save Animals from High-Kill Shelters

Posted by Amber King
Paws of Gotham Calendar
Photo Credit: Candy Kennedy

Determined to make a positive difference for as many animals as possible, Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue is showcasing the 'Paws of Gotham.'

Millions of animals end up abused, neglected, and abandoned, and every year no-kill rescues like Louie's Legacy spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to save them.

With locations in Ohio, New York, and Connecticut, this foster-based rescue successfully saves 2,000 animals a year. They take in dogs and cats from high-kill shelters and do everything possible to find families that will love and protect them for the rest of their lives.

Paws of Gotham calendar
Photo Credit: Candy Kennedy

To accomplish such an important mission, Louie's Legacy relies on fundraising and donations. Their latest fundraising endeavor is the fourth annual calendar titled "Paws of Gotham."

The 2018 calendar was photographed by famed South African photographer Candy Kennedy and features classic New York scenes showcasing adoptable dogs.

Kennedy told Wide Open Pets:

"My vision for the calendar was to capture a series of authentic New York moments and portray the friendship between people and pets. I have lived in New York City for 5 years now, and love every element of it! I think New York, just like pets, holds a special place in people's heart and I wanted to put them together."

Paws of Gotham Calendar
Photo Credit: Candy Kennedy

Kennedy worked with animal advocates, celebrities, models, and real rescue animals to make it all happen. The money raised from the sales will go directly toward helping Louie's Legacy save animals in need of medical attention.

Emily Gear, Louie's Legacy director, told Wide Open Pets they face up to $300,000 worth of medical bills every year.

She said:

"Our calendar has become a huge part of our ability to accomplish our mission on the scale that we do. As a foster based rescue organization, it is very unusual to find groups which both carefully interview applicants for appropriate pet placement and save 2,000 animals per year. This balance is achieved through incredible dedication of our staff and volunteers, but also means we might end up with more than our fair share of medical cases which could be devastating without these funds."

Louie's Legacy frequently takes in senior animals with medical emergencies and other animals struggling to find homes.

One of their most recent rescues is a pet pig named Charlotte. She was rescued from a shelter in Jacksonville affected by Hurricane Irma. A portion of the funds raised from the "Paws of Gotham" calendar will go toward getting her ready for a new home.

Affectionately nicknamed "Lil Sizzle," she's 45 pounds of spunky personality. Louie's Legacy hopes to find her a family that will treat her like the lovable pet she is.

When our transport group arrived to empty out a shelter in Jacksonville affected by Hurricane Irma, one shelter animal...

Posted by Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Charlotte and her buddies deserve the best chance at a new life, and as Gear puts it, "Quite simply, the more calendars are purchased, the more funds can be allocated to these special animals."

The calendars are $19.99 plus shipping, and pre-orders will be sent out after November 14. Purchase your copy of "Paws of Gotham" on the Louie's Legacy website. And while you're there, check out all the animals waiting to be adopted.

Are you going to purchase a Louie's Legacy "Paws of Gotham" fundraising calendar? Let us know in the comments.

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'Paws of Gotham' Calendar Helps Save Animals from High-Kill Shelters