Paw-Ternity Leave: U.K. Employees Get Paid Time off to Be with Pets

Posted by Tori Holmes

You've heard of maternity leave and paternity leave, but what about paw-ternity leave?

For many, adopting a pet into the family is much like bringing home a new baby. There are supplies that need to be bought, a routine needs to be put into place, and family members need to bond with the new addition. But how do you manage this if you work a full-time job?

Some employers in the United Kingdom may have a solution to this problem: paw-ternity leave. Much like the traditional maternity or paternity leave, paw-ternity leave allows owners to take paid time off work to care for their four-legged family members.


As the idea of paw-ternity leave is catching on with U.K. businesses, pet owners around the country are rejoicing. The option to take a short paw-ternity leave when a new pet is introduced to the family makes the transition go much smoother. Owners can be with their new pet non-stop for the first few days they're with the family, allowing them to start building the foundation of a successful relationship.

Not only does it give them time to bond with their new pet, they can set boundaries and begin to teach their pet the rules of their new home.

Of course, there will always be those against innovative new ideas. When asked about the idea, some residents have nothing more to say than "Are you ... kidding me?"

Naysayers aside, it appears that more and more businesses are going to begin introducing paw-ternity leave to their employees. One of the biggest sellers is that it increases employee morale and shows that the employer cares about employees' lives outside of the office.

We, for one, hope paw-ternity leave begins to be implemented world-wide!

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Paw-Ternity Leave: U.K. Employees Get Paid Time off to Be with Pets