Paul & Joe Beaute Have Created the Ultimate Makeup Set for Cat Lovers

Posted by Tori Holmes
Paul & Joe Beaute's 15th Anniversary Collection cat makeup

Paul & Joe Beaute's 15th anniversary collection is officially the must-have makeup for all cat lovers.

This cat-inspired makeup collection offers more than just a cat-print makeup bag or cute cat-inspired names for the products. Every item in Paul & Joe Beaute's collection is shaped like a cat - and no, I'm not joking.

Paul & Joe Beaute eyeshadow and blush

This ultimate cat-lovers makeup set comes with the standard lipstick, eye shadow, and blush, each of which is shaped like a tiny, colorful feline.

Along with the makeup itself, the set comes with a makeup case shaped like a cat's head and a little makeup box with an adorable cat knob on the drawer.

Paul & Joe Beaute cat lipstick

If you were worried about spending an arm and a leg on this must-have set, don't worry! It comes at the very reasonable price of $85 from Beautyhabit.

Paul & Joe Beaute cat-shaped makeup bag

This is great because you may want to order yourself two sets: one to use and one to keep on display!

All images courtesy of Beautyhabit.

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