Parents Accidentally Feed Their Kids Dog Treats Due to Awkward Store Placement

Posted by Allie Layos
Scooby Snacks

Scooby Snacks may look like human snacks, but apparently they don't taste anything like it. 

New Zealand educators are monitoring students' lunch boxes closely after dozens of unfortunate children were accidentally fed dog treats as snacks.

The misunderstanding started at a Pak'n Save grocery store in Whanganui, New Zealand. The dog treats, which feature the popular cartoon character Scooby Doo on a brightly-lit package, were placed near human snacks such as chips in the store's "Aisle of Value" area.

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Though the store said the bin was labeled "pet treats," dozens of parents missed the sign and picked up the bone-shaped carob snacks for their children, and were surprised when their kids complained that they tasted terrible.

It wasn't until the parents tried them for themselves that they realized they were actually dog biscuits.

Scooby Snacks

According to the New Zealand Herald, many area parents took to Facebook to warn others about the treats, and notify the store.

One mom wrote:

"I was absolutely mortified when I gave them to my daughter. She took one bite and said, 'this is rubbish.' I looked at the packet closely and gasped, 'Oh no, I am so sorry. I just fed you dog food.'"

The treats aren't harmful to humans, so no real harm was done. But Antoinette Laird, head of external relations for Pak'n Save's parent company, Foodstuffs NZ, said that the snacks were removed from the store.

She also issued the following apology:

"On reflection, we can see how the cartoon characters on the packaging might be confusing. We apologise for any distress this has caused to anyone who bought the product by mistake and will happily offer a refund to any customer in this position."

Though most reviews of the snacks were negative, one young woman ate two packets, and stated that they were, "pretty good tbh."

Does the packaging look confusing? Give us your thoughts below!

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Parents Accidentally Feed Their Kids Dog Treats Due to Awkward Store Placement