Paralyzed Jockey Doesn't Let Injury Keep Him Away from Racing

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This paralyzed jockey didn't let injury keep him from the racehorses that he loved. He simply came up with a new dream.

Imagine that you worked day in and day out to make your dreams come true. You've become a jockey, and a successful one at that. Then imagine that your career is suddenly taken away from you. What would you do?

For Andrew Lakeman, that nightmare became a reality when the horse he was on clipped heels with another during a race. The resulting fall left Lakeman paralyzed, ending his dreams of being a jockey. It's at that point that many riders would give up and leave the sport of horse racing entirely.

But not Lakeman. For him, the desire to be at the track was greater than the challenge of starting over. So, Lakeman became a trainer. See his story in the inspirational video below.

The desire to be a part of the horse racing world is so strong in some, so that huge obstacles - even the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of being paralyzed - aren't enough to keep horse lovers away from the sport. Lakeman went out and bought his own horse. He became a racehorse trainer, and that horse started winning. And from there, Lakeman went on to build a training business.

This paralyzed jockey can't ride anymore, but that won't keep him away from the Thoroughbred horses that he loves. Like other riders who have overcome great obstacles, Lakeman found a way to make his dreams come true, even if his plans changed a bit along the way.

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Paralyzed Jockey Doesn't Let Injury Keep Him Away from Racing