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Paco the Toothless Chihuahua Challenges Coyote in His Florida Backyard


Tiny but mighty. 

Paco the Chihuahua is 18 years old with not a tooth "left in his head." But that didn't stop him from chasing a coyote out of his backyard in Pasco County, Florida.

"He actually, literally, was face to face with that coyote, 5 times his size. Stood his ground. Hid under the shed until I came out," said the mighty Chihuahua's owner, T.J Jones.

The entire encounter was caught on their security camera, which is good because without visual proof, a toothless Chihuahua taking on a coyote would sound like a tall tale.


Little Paco stood his ground and even runs at the coyote in the beginning of the video. He quickly realizes he's no match, so ends up hiding under the shed.

"The coyote tried to cut him off. And that's where they had their little squabble here," Jones told WFLA

That's when Jones noticed the senior dog wasn't in the house so he went to the yard to find Paco noticeably rattled.

"As I walk out of the room, I come around the shed here and he's got his hair all up, he's all upset and I come around the corner and I see a big ole coyote," said Jones.


Paco lived with a pit bull at one point in his life and Jones thinks that's where he learned how to be brave, but Chihuahuas have a reputation of thinking they're bigger than they are.

"He's always had the big mouth and had the brawn behind him," said Jones.

Jones and Paco chased the coyote out of their yard but want to make sure that no other small dogs fall victim to a hungry coyote.

"They're out there and people have a lot of small dogs...he got lucky," Jones said. "I don't want to see something bad happen to someone else's dog."


Maybe Paco can give the neighborhood dogs some lessons on how to scare away predators.

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