Supermarket Sign Says 'No Dogs Allowed,' But This Isn't a Dog...

Posted by Tori Holmes
sheep in a grocery store

A man in Northern Ireland caused quite a stir in a Lidl grocery store after bringing his sheep along for the shopping trip.

Patrons at the Lidl in the seaside town of Portrush in Northern Ireland were shocked to see that a fellow shopper had brought his sheep inside the store.

When approached by staff, the sheep's owner was quick to point out that the store's sign simply said "no dogs," not "no sheep." When he refused to leave, store management had no choice but to call the authorities.

In response to the event, local police released a statement saying that a man was "arrested on suspicion of a number of offenses including common assault and disorderly behavior, following an altercation at a supermarket in Portrush."

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Another shopper had a chance to speak to the sheep's owner outside the shop after the incident and he explained that the sheep was one of three triplets he had rescued from a slaughter house when they were only three days old. Since then, he had raised them by hand.

Who knows, maybe Lidl will be adding a "no sheep" sign after this incident!

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Supermarket Sign Says 'No Dogs Allowed,' But This Isn't a Dog...