Owl Helplessly Tangled in Soccer Net Recognizes Help When It Comes

Posted by Amber King
owl stuck in soccer net

An owl was found in a knotty situation, but a nearby road crew was there to save the day.

Regardless of the situation, wildlife rescues are never as simple as they seem. Unlike cats and dogs that are used to getting help from humans, wild animals are more likely to lash out in fear than calmly accept help from human hands. When the animal has a beak and set of talons made for killing prey, helping is always a risky endeavor.

When an owl flew into a soccer net in Missouri, it became instantly tangled. The thin netting wrapped around its wings and body, and despite its struggles, it was unable to free itself. Obviously stressed and panicked, no one would have been surprised if the bird of prey saw its rescuers as a threat.

Saving an owl from a soccer net from videos

Will Brown and his construction crew noticed the bird while working nearby, and they stepped up to save a life. Knowing how the bird was likely to react, they approached cautiously. But when the man put his hands on the wide-eyed owl, there was no biting or clawing like what he expected.

The big bird seemed to recognize they were there to help. It didn't resist as it was lifted off the ground while a second man cut through the netting. Untangling the net from the owl's wings took several minutes of intricate work, but the bird never protested.

When the last string was finally detached from the feathers, the video Brown posted online shows the big bird flying safely into the woods. There was no grand gesture of thanks, but this simple act of compassion shows all animals deserve a helping hand.

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Owl Helplessly Tangled in Soccer Net Recognizes Help When It Comes