Outfits for That Special Occasion: Designer Duds for Dogs

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Designer Duds for Dogs
Designer Duds for Dogs/Facebook

Make your dog look like the Mr. Fancy Pants he is.

Dogs in bow ties make us swoon. But dogs in tuxedos? We just can't handle that.

And yet we find ourselves wanting more.

Thankfully, Designer Duds for Dogs exists. The Kirkland, Washington-based canine accessory apparel is an online store that can dress up your pup for that special occasion.

chihuahua in cowboy hat and bandana

Perfect for weddings, holidays, family portraits, or really just because, your pooch has never looked so sophisticated.

golden retriever puppy in tuxedo bowtieBow ties, neckties, collars, bandanas, scarves, and cuffs complete the ensemble. "Furra Wang" tutu dresses are also available for the ladies. The website walks you through how to measure your dog for the right size.

The LLC business even dedicates sections of their webpage to canine adoption and four-legged heroes. You can also visit their Facebook page to follow along their venture!

Has your dog posed in a fancy outfit? Share the photo with us in the comments below!

All photos via Designer Duds for Dogs/Facebook.

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Outfits for That Special Occasion: Designer Duds for Dogs