Leash and Harness Review: An Outdoor Dog Is a Hurtta Dog

Posted by Mateja Lane
Hurtta product review

You want your dog to look as rugged as they feel. 

And that's where Hurtta comes in. Hurtta is a Finnish dog company that supplies outdoor dog gear from sleeping bags to life jackets to harnesses to parkas. Recently, my dog Boone and I got to try out Hurtta's new harness and leash, and looked darn good while doing it.

Boone and Me

The leash looks like a climbing rope with the colorful braided line, which I like since I consider myself to be pretty outdoorsy, so my dog should also look the part.

The rope is sturdy like a climbing line, with metal reflectors bearing the Hurtta name close to the clip and up on the handle loop. The handle also has a metal key ring that I conveniently clipped my keys to, along with the poop bags. The clip is sturdy even though it is aluminum, which helps make the leash lightweight.

Hurtta leashMy only complaint with the leash is that it is a tad too long. My Bluetick Coonhound is not a puller and stays close, even on leash, so the extra slack in the line tends to drag a bit. This slight issue was solved by tying a knot in the middle that I could hold while walking.

walking the dog

Our leash was the Lingon/River colorway but the Mountain Leash in Birch is available on Amazon for $20. 

Hurtta leash

Next, we tried out Hurtta's Casual Harness.

Hurtta harness

This was by far the best harness we've ever made Boone wear. It goes on easily over the head and clips underneath the belly. The straps are wide and padded with soft neoprene, and outlined with reflective Hurtta branding. There is a handle on the top to grab for easier control or to help lift him up in the boat or onto rocks. hurtta harness

The loop on the top of the harness has a ring that makes it easy and convenient to hook the leash onto. Walking a dog on a harness is easier on their neck and gives their back extra support which is important for aging dogs.

Boone seemed to like it, and looked comfortable since there are no extra straps or extra material around his armpits. He did end up swimming and then getting the harness a bit dirty, but both the leash and harness are easily washable and designed to go in water. The neoprene on the harness is basically like a wet suit!

walking the dog

We tested the River colorway but Ash, Heather, and Lingon are available on Amazon for $30

hurtta harness

Hurtta gear is truly well-made and their attention to detail shows. Their products are tested on all sorts of dog breeds in all kinds of different weather conditions. All Hurtta gear is made with safe products with the dog's well-being in mind. Just take it from the Hurtta dogs!

 While Hurtta is based in Finland, there is a Hurtta North America supplier. Check out their website here.

Do you have a Hurtta product? Tell us in the comments below!

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Leash and Harness Review: An Outdoor Dog Is a Hurtta Dog