Our Wishes For You and Your Pet This Holiday Season

Posted by Paige Cerulli

At Wide Open Pets, we have some very special wishes for you and your pet this holiday season. 

It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here, and 2016 is coming to an end. We have loved getting to know you and your pets this year, and as the presents pile up underneath the Christmas tree, we have our own list of wishes that we hope come true for you and your pet this holiday season.

This Christmas, we wish you and your pets the following.

Good Health 


We hope that you and your pet are in good health this holiday season. Our pets mean a lot to us, and we worry when they're sick or injured.

We promise to keep bringing you quality articles and tips on pet health and care so that you can keep your furry family members feeling great.

Fun and Exciting Adventures in 2017


A new year is almost here, and that means that there will be time for new adventures. We hope that you and your pet have all sorts of fun and exciting adventures in 2017.

Maybe that means trying out a new activity, like dock diving with your dog. Or maybe you'll welcome a new pet into your home. Whatever 2017 brings, we hope that you and your pets have fun.

New Friends

Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers fetching a stick in the snow.

At Wide Open Pets, we've made lots of new friends this year. We wish the same for you and your pet, and hope you meet new friends of both the human and animal variety.

Having friends to play with is often great for our pets' health and emotional state. Consider setting up a doggy play date for your pup, or maybe adopt a new pet to give your pet some companionship.

Lots of Time to Spend Together


It's easy to get swept up into the hustle and bustle of today's busy life, but we hope you and your pet spend lots of quality time together this holiday season.

Take a minute and appreciate your pet. Get some great photos, spend time playing with your pet, and just enjoy your time together.



We know that nothing makes you happier than spending some quality time with your pet. In 2017, don't forget to do some things that makes your pet happy, too. Give your cat a new catnip toy, or take your dog on a long walk.

We wish you, your pet, and your entire family a happy holiday season and a wonderful 2017.

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Our Wishes For You and Your Pet This Holiday Season