Why Do Otters Hold Hands?

Posted by Christy Caplan
Otters hold hands and float on their backs.

Otters are super cute! Yet, owning an otter as a pet isn't the easiest to manage even though they hold hands, swim are their backs and are (excuse the pun) "otterly romantic."

The small-clawed otter, an Asian species that in the wild hunts for fish, has grown in popularity across the globe. People pay thousands of dollars for this exotic pet and online trade encourages pet ownership.

The bottom line: People keep otters as pets because they're undeniable cuteness. Check out these little critters at the Vancouver Aquarium. They are SO sweet!

Why do otters hold each other's hands?

According to Treehugger, many sea otters hold hands starting at birth. The mother and pup grab onto each other while sleeping so they don't drift away from the rest of the family members in their group, which is called a "raft."

Though it's not all that common in the wild, many otters can also pick up this "learned behavior" early in life to help comfort them!

Otters Holding Hands at Vancouver Aquarium

Sea otters holding hands on social media is an adorable display of pure happiness for marine mammals. Based on these "otterly adorable" animal facts, it seems wise not keep baby otters as pets and be left in the wild, though they don't seem to mind!

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TIP: River otters and sea otters are completely different creatures, so do some research and you can see some adorable otter species.

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Why Do Otters Hold Hands?