Orlando Hotel Welcomes 900 Dogs Fleeing Hurricane Irma

Posted by Jason Sarna
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Screenshot via Orlando Sentinel

All are welcome!

Unlike some hotels in Texas who refused to allow pets inside during Hurricane Harvey, the Hyatt Regency Orlando on International Drive is a hotel where all are welcome.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, between 800 and 900 dogs - and a handful of cats - became guests of the hotel this weekend after hundreds fled their homes due to Hurricane Irma.

"We're always dog-friendly," hotel manager Kevin Kennedy said.

To further accommodate their guests, the hotel opened a multipurpose room with a pool table, movies, and games for families.

"We're prepared for the storm," Hotel general manager Brian Comes said.

Comes also said the standard $150 cleaning fee for rooms with pets was dropped to $50 this weekend.

Mia Gallow drove up from Naples with her Golden Retriever Scout to avoid the storm and was surprised how many dogs were in the hotel lobby.

"It reminds me of that book "Go, Dog. Go!" because there are so many dogs here," Gallow said.

About 200 hotel employees and their families as well as dozens of Florida Power & Light workers are also staying in the hotel throughout the weekend.

Did you have to evacuate your home because of Hurricane Irma? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Orlando Hotel Welcomes 900 Dogs Fleeing Hurricane Irma