5 Reasons Orange Tabby Cats Make Purrrrfect Friends

Posted by Christy Caplan
Orange Tabby

How much do you know about orange tabby cats? Most cat lovers enjoy their orange tabby cats over all other felines! Why is this?

Orange tabby cats, according to The Purrington Post, vary when it comes to their precious 'purrrrsonalities'.

"Just like all other cats, their personalities vary from orange tabby to orange tabby. They are all individual beings with their own likes and dislikes, but one thing is certain - they make great companions! If you're looking to add a cat to your home, consider looking at some orange tabbies."

Here are five fun reasons to live with orange tabby cats!

1. The orange tabby isn't exactly its own breed

The term "tabby" describes a domestic cat's markings (tortoiseshell cat or calico, for example), not its breed. That means, that although a tabby cat is not a specific cat breed, a cat of a specific breed, such as a Maine Coon, can be described as a tabby cat.

2. The orange color comes from a specific pigment

A tabby pattern happens when the pigment in individual hair shafts occurs in alternating swaths of light and dark, says Carol Barbee, an American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) judge. "If hair shafts are filled with solid pigment, the cat will not be tabby."

Tabby coat patterns can occur in any breed, and there are three genes responsible for tabby markings.

3. There is an old legend about orange tabby cats 

A common legend goes that orange tabbies bear the "M" mark on their foreheads because one curled up with baby Jesus, helped him fall asleep, and was blessed by Mother Mary's touch for helping out!

4. They are typically super hungry cats 

Remember Garfield? Orange tabbies enjoy eating-so much so that leaving their food out all day can lead to a big cat--and big problems. Just like in humans, obesity in cats has been linked with a variety of health problems, including feline diabetes.

5. They tend to be a low-energy cat, great for snuggling

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These orange cats are also the perfect orange kitty for snuggling. Out of all the fun facts, this one is our fave. The orange coat is adorable. Do you want to live with a long-haired, shorthair, spotted tabby, or a classic tabby? What about a ginger tabby? A patched tabby? A marmalade tabby? A mackerel tabby? I'd like to live with a ginger kitten or a tabby kitten!

Ginger cats are cool, too! I'd also like to visit with a Siamese! My other fave cat is a Persian.

So, now that you know all these cool cat facts and have seen the cutest photos, is orange fur the direction you'd go in? Will you seek out a cat with this orange gene? Coat color doesn't really matter when it comes to personality but I'd like a low energy cat to cuddle with.

I'm looking now for my new best friend and I bet other cat owners are too.

Who's purring now?

Do you know anyone that has a tabby cat? Please let us know in the comments.  

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5 Reasons Orange Tabby Cats Make Purrrrfect Friends