Open House: Gaggle of Geese Take Tour of Oregon Home

Posted by Krissy Howard
All images via Bored Panda 

A gaggle of geese proved to be the worst houseguests of all time after helping themselves to a tour of a home in Oregon. 

A gaggle of geese invited themselves to take a home tour in Oregon, and the photographic evidence of their parade may be among the sweetest, and strangest, thing ever.

According to a Bored Panda post uploaded by Ian Smythe, the adult Canadian geese and their goslings entered his parent's Bend, Oregon home through the back door.


Together, they walked single-file through the home, reportedly leaving all sorts of "gifts" along the way...


And eventually let themselves out, right through the front door on the opposite end of the house, as seen in a photo that perfectly captures what we're all thinking.

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Despite living on a bank of the Deschutes River, nothing like this has ever happened to this unsuspecting family before.

While certainly weird, and a first time for the Smythe's, this isn't the first time a gaggle of Canadian geese has made their way through a building: a different group took themselves on a self-guided tour of the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California back in 2010.

What would you do if a group of geese walked through your house? Tell us in the comments below.

All images via Bored Panda 

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