Online Photo Horse Shows Might Just Be the Next Big Thing

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Two ponies nose to nose & displaying their rosettes

Can't afford to head to a real horse show? Don't worry - now online photo horse shows provide you an affordable, fun alternative. 

Competing in horse shows is expensive. It's particularly costly when you don't own your own horse, or when you don't yet have the equipment that you need for a show. And when you're trying to compete in a show series, you may be looking at many shows in a season. It adds up quickly, so some creative horse enthusiasts have come up with a solution: online photo horse shows.

Online photo horse shows allow anyone to participate, and in most cases you don't even need the gear that you would for a basic schooling show. Riders compete in different classes, winning the same ribbons that you would get in a real live show. Some shows offer champion and reserve placings, and some even offer participants the chance to be eligible for year-end awards.

A prize winning Suffolk Punch foal with ribbons

Best of all, these shows are affordable. The entry fees range from a little over $1 to about $4 per class. Many shows offer special incentives, such as buy four entries get one free, and some even have classes that are free to enter with a paid entry to another class. Most of these shows are held in Europe, but many accept international entries as long as you're willing to cover the cost of shipping. (For five or six ribbons being shipped to the US, this runs about $9.)

One of the other major benefits of online horse shows is that you don't have to actually ride your horse. Many of these shows offer fun classes, like horse selfies or the best horse head shot. Even if your horse is retired, recovering from an injury, or can't be ridden for another reason, you can still participate in these shows.

horse with ribbon

Want to increase your chances of success in an online horse show? First, find a show that you like and read the rules carefully. Take a look at the other horse photos that have been entered in the classes that you're interested in. Next, take the time to get some quality photos of your horse. Arm yourself with a good camera, take photos in natural light, and check out these photography tips to help you hone your skills. Make sure that you submit photos that are in focus, cropped appropriately, and which show off your horse at his very best.

Ready to get started? Here are a few online shows to check out: Horse Shows Online, Trico's Trophies Online Horse Showing, and Mackenzie Showing Shows Online. You can find more through a Google search.

Good luck and have a great time!

Have you competed in an online horse show? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Online Photo Horse Shows Might Just Be the Next Big Thing