'ONE TOUGH PUP': Texas Dog Survives Heroin Overdose

Posted by Mateja Lane

A puppy was left in the car with a bag of heroin on the floor. 

The staff at North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic is being hailed as a group of heroes for nursing a puppy back to health after it suffered from a drug overdose last weekend.

Carrollton Texas Police Department posted on their Facebook page that the pup's humans left the puppy in the car in a Home Depot parking lot with a bag of heroin on the floor that the dog ate.

The owners were arrested and charged for heroin possession and for switching price tags inside the store. The puppy is now in the care of the City of Carrollton Animal Adoption Center.

The pup is expected to recover fully from the opiate overdose and will be up for adoption after a 10-day hold. He was named Depot at first but has since taken on the moniker Lucky.

"I'm proud to work in a community where we have such strong partnerships with our police department, fire department and our local emergency pet clinic, not to mention the generous donations we receive that allow us to fund this type of treatment," officer Debbie Hutchins, an animal control officer on the case, said in a statement.

"These relationships and the puppy's strong will to survive has led to this successful outcome."

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'ONE TOUGH PUP': Texas Dog Survives Heroin Overdose