How One App Could Eradicate Rabies in India's Street Dog Population

Posted by Tori Holmes
How India is eliminating rabies from stray dogs | Wide Open Pets
All images courtesy of Mission Rabies

For street dogs and the families that live near them in India, rabies is an ongoing concern.

With much of the dog population living on the street without access to regular veterinary care, the occurrence of rabies in high. This has motivated researchers at the University of Edinburgh to look for a new way to wipe out rabies in these free-roaming dog communities. Their idea? A smartphone app.

Researchers are using this app to track free-roaming dogs that their team has vaccinated against rabies. Through the study, over 6,000 dogs in the city of Ranchi were vaccinated and tracked through the app, aptly named the Mission Rabies app.

 Mission Rabies Phone App | Wide Open Pets         Mission Rabies Smartphone App | Wide Open Pets

By tracking the dogs this way, veterinarians have been able to vaccinate 70% of the stray dog population in the city of Ranchi, India. This is significant because 70% is the threshold needed to minimize the risk that the disease will be passed to the human population.

The team at the University of Edinburgh continues to monitor the dogs in the cities different districts, ensuring that the threshold of vaccine canines doesn't fall below 70%.

Mission Rabies India | Wide Open Pets

Today, modern technology is increasingly being used to support health-related initiatives of this scale that a few decades ago would have been nearly impossible. The Mission Rabies app is just another amazing example of how we can use this modern technology to improve the lives of canines and humans alike.

To learn more about the Mission Rabies, including how you can get involved, visit their website. With your help, they can make rabies a thing of the past!

All images courtesy of Mission Rabies.

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How One App Could Eradicate Rabies in India's Street Dog Population