Omar the Longest Cat in the World Dines on Kangaroo

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Big Cat
Picture by Alex Coppel via Courier Mail of Australia.

Does this big cat break the world record?

Omar the Maine Coon is possibly the world's biggest house cat, and almost certainly the longest cat at 47.24 inches long.

Representatives from The Guinness World Records are working to verify this measurement and will decide whether this big cat officially holds the cat length record.

The current record holder for the longest cat is held by Ludo, another Maine Coon living in the U.K. with owner Kelsey Gill and measuring 46.58 inches.

Omar is bigger than his canine sister, Penny the Sheltie breed dog:

Omar the cat is big enough to countersurf.

Do you know of any other big cats that go paws-up on the kitchen counter to investigate any interesting smells?

Omar looks like he might have learned counter surfing from a dog in this pic:

According to his owner Stephy Hirst, Omar also likes to open cupboards and drawers, and take naps on a trampoline. He has 45,000 followers as of this writing on his Instagram account @omar_mainecoon, but he isn't very comfortable yet with the idea of fame (he hid under the bed during a recent television interview reports the Courier Mail of Australia).

Omar has his sights set on being the champion of length.

His training diet? He eats kibble in the morning and raw kangaroo meat for dinner (he lives in Melbourne, Australia, so kangaroo is local for Omar). This big cat was impressively large even a year ago, shown in the Instagram picture below:

He's grown even bigger since then. He now weighs 31 pounds. Here is a recent picture of Omar the giant cat with his owner, Stephy Hirst, who says he might not yet be fully grown:

Omar as a kitten:

"All of our friends want to come over and see our cat."They say 'is that Photoshopped?' or 'that can't be real' and then they see him in the flesh," Ms. Hirst told the BBC.

Happy to have some nice autumn weather again so I can go outside!!

A post shared by Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) on

What's the best part of having a cat this large?

The naps of course! These are some "cat nap" snaps:

Naps are one of my favourite things! 😴

A post shared by Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) on

My dad makes a pretty great bed, he has more room on him than mum does 🐱🐾

A post shared by Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) on

We love Omar!

What do you think? The bigger the cat, the better the naps? Let us know in the comments below.

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Omar the Longest Cat in the World Dines on Kangaroo