Friday, the Oldest Donkey in Britain, Dies at 110 Years Old

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oldest donkey in britain
All images via Wales Online

At 53 years old, Friday lived to be 110 in donkey years.

"Happy and mischievous" are the words Wendy Hoyland uses to describe her dearly missed friend and donkey, Friday. Born on Good Friday, Friday had free run of Hoyland's farmstead home in Llandysul, Wales.

He lived with his family including Hoyland, her husband Darren, and their two young sons. An open-stall policy allowed Friday to come and go as he pleased, and his later years were spent roaming the farm getting into trouble.

oldest donkey in Britain

Before his retirement, Friday was a champion in donkey derbies and rodeos. He started competing in the 1960s and had a reputation of winning. When he retired, he was in his 20s and ready for his next adventure.

For years, he helped bring comfort to foals who had recently been weaned, and his last nine years were spent living on Hoyland's farm as a companion for a pony. During that time, he became a part of their family. According to Hoyland, Friday held on to his youth until about five years ago when eating hay became difficult, and he started to lose his teeth.

oldest donkey in britain

At a remarkable 110 years old in donkey years, Hoyland and her family knew Friday's time with them was coming to an end. He passed away peacefully of natural causes with his family by his side. Hoyland told

"We are all absolutely devastated but we couldn't do any more for him. It was his time to go, and in human terms he would have been around 110 years old."

Friday's exact birthday is unknown, but his family knows he was born at least 53 years ago. He was the oldest donkey in Britain and only one year away from being the oldest donkey in the world. That title goes to a donkey named Suzy who died in 2002 and lived to be 54.

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All images via Wales Online.

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Friday, the Oldest Donkey in Britain, Dies at 110 Years Old