Old Chevy Video from 1936 Shows Fire Station Cat Sliding Down Pole

Posted by Krissy Howard
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A newsreel video from 1936 shows a Minneapolis fire station cat named Mickey sliding down a pole and riding along to help fight flames.

When most people think of firehouse animals, Dalmatians and other dogs tend to come to mind, but one newsreel video created by Chevy in 1936 shows a heroic kitty who can ride along with the best of them.

The Minneapolis Fire Cat appears to be a little white and orange kitty with a zest for life and a penchant for fire safety. The black and white video, complete with intense, heroic music, shows Mickey running after his department at the sound of an alarm, even jumping on and sliding down a firehouse pole from two stories up!

Once downstairs, Mickey grabs a seat in the car with the fire chief. At one point in the clip, Mickey can be seen panting which is often a response to distress, anxiety, or excitement in cats and dogs, but can sometimes occur as the result of a thyroid disorder, so if you notice your pet panting excessively, it's always best to mention it to your vet.

The video ends with an image of Mickey in a tiny firemen's hat to the delight of many - except Mickey, who doesn't seem terribly amused. But protective gear is just part of the job, even for a four-legged volunteer.

What do you think of this Minneapolis Fire Cat? Let us know in the comments below!

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Old Chevy Video from 1936 Shows Fire Station Cat Sliding Down Pole