24 NFL Dog Essentials to Get Your Pooch Ready for the Super Bowl

Posted by Mateja Lane
two dog playing with football in the yard.

The Super Bowl is around the corner. Is your dog ready?

This weekend we will find out who will be in the Super Bowl LI on February 5.

Whether it is the Patriots or Steelers, Packers or Falcons, your dog can be ready to root for his team with these toys and essentials.

Patriots Pet Jersey

Coming in as Amazon's #1 best seller, seems like some Patriots fans are getting their dogs in the action.

Not only will Max be the talk of the Super Bowl party, but he would be down to toss the 'ol pigskin around at half-time too.

Buy this jersey for $25.53.

patriots pet jerseyPatriots Pet Collar

Make sure everyone knows your team when you go to the dog park with your dog rocking a Patriots-themed dog collar.

This collar is a steal at $8.99

Patriots dog collarPatriots Dog Bandana

Outfit your little Patriot head to toe, complete with a bandana. Is it considered good juju to have your pooch covered in your team's apparel? We think so.

Get this bandana for $19.36.

Patriots dog bandana Patriots Dog Puffer Vest

For the four-legged fan who gets a little cold, this puffer vest is for them. Complete with a hood to intimidate the Steeler dog fans at the dog park, this little vest will complete the Patriot dog.

The soft fleece will keep your little cheerleader warm and the quilted shell is water-repellent if it happens to be sleeting in New England, which we hear is often.

The Patriot-themed puffer vest costs $46.98 and there are only three left in stock!

patriots dog puffer vest

Patriots Plush Pet Toy

No Patriots dog would be complete without a themed dog toy. Or maybe you give this to your Steeler dog and have them destroy it.

Either way, this toy costs $17.80.

Patriots Plush dog toyPatriots Dog Bed

Your Patriot pet will be sleeping pretty on this fleece bed, dreaming of winning Super Bowl LI. He's ready!

This bed will put you back $49.99. There's only one of these bad boys left so here are some other options if they are out.

patriots dog bedSteelers Dog Sign

To make sure your guests always know where your alliance lies, this dog sign will tell them right away. All you need in life is your dog and your beloved Steelers, thank you very much.

This sign will run you $14.55 and it looks like some fans have already purchased this beauty since there are only eight left in stock. You can also get your own team on the sign if you aren't partial to the Steelers.

Steelers + dog sign

Steelers Football Dog Tee

Your dog will be comfy as he roots on his Steelers in this t-shirt. The company says it's for cats too, so extra field goal points if you can wrestle Fluffy in this fan gear.

This tee costs $18 and again, you can customize it to fit another team or give one to your Patriots friend's dog and have them tackle each other.

Steelers dog t-shirt

Steelers Dog Cheerleader Dress

Football isn't just for the boys! Include your girl pup in this sweet little number so she can get just as excited, maybe more for the Puppy Bowl but that's ok.

This cheerleading dress is $19.90 and there is only one left in stock so pull out your wallets!

Steelers dog cheerleading dressPittsburgh Steelers Dog Collar

This dog collar screams Steelers fans but is also comfy and practical for the pooch who likes to rough and tumble.

This collar will run you $14.95 but there is no price for being true fan.

steelers dog collar

Steelers Soft and Cozy Plush Pet Pillow Bed

This cozy pet pillow will give your four-legged fan a comfy place to watch the game. He just wants you to pass the sliders, ok?

This customized pet pillow costs $33.99.

steelers pet pillowDog Rope Football Toy

This Steelers dog toy will give your whole Super Bowl party something fun to toss around at half-time! Your dog will love the attention while you play a game of touch in the yard with this little football.

This dog toy costs $14.99 and you can customize it to whatever team you want!

NFL football toy

Green Bay Packers Hoodie T-Shirt

This cozy little number will keep your pooch warm even though it might be hitting single digits in Wisconsin.

The neck is fashioned with velcro so you can get it on and off your dog with ease.

The Packers hoodie is $19.39.

Packers dog hoodie t-shirt

Packers Leather Dog Collar

This leather dog collar will show that you love your Packers but you do so with class. No cheap plastic clips here; this collar is genuine leather with a metal buckle.

Like the company's slogan says: Wear your love; wear the game.

This collar is $22.89.

packers leather dog collarPackers Pebble Grain Football Toy

This little football toy is essential for playing monkey in the middle during the game.

At only $4.99 you can get a whole pile, which would make for a great photo once the Packers take home the Super Bowl LI title.

dog football rope toy

Field Dog Toy with Squeaker

This toy is more built for tug of war. It's heavy duty and made to withstand some serious fun. In the shape of a football field, this toy will get your dog in the mood to watch the game.

Customizable for all NFL teams if the Packers just ain't yours, costing $10.99.

Packers field dog toy

Packers Pet Bed

No Packers household is complete without this plush pet bed. The bed is machine washable if you spill beer on it when you're celebrating the Packers touchdown.

This fleece bed is only $29.99 but lots of other Packers dogs are swooping them up since there are only 16 left in stock.

Packers pet bed

Packers Pet Leash

To go with your Packers collar, this leash will allow you to walk your dog with team pride. Nobody at the dog park is going to wonder who you are backing. Just make sure you wear the cheesehead too.

This logo leash is only $12, small price to pay to have your dog outfitted in Packers attire.

packers pet leashAtlanta Falcons Pet ID Tag

If your dog gets lost, not only will his identification information be available but it will also be known what team he backs. If someone at the dog park finds your dog, they just have to look for the owner wearing the Atlanta Falcons hoodie. Win-win!

Get this ID tag for $14.95

Atlanta falcons pet ID tagFalcons Dog Football Jersey

Your little Falcon needs his own jersey to really feel part of the team. Your pooch can pretend he is the great Desmond Trufant while he paces in front of the T.V.

This dog jersey will run you $18.95 but hurry, there is only one left in stock. If they are sold out, here is another alternative.

Falcons pet jerseyFalcons Dog Harness

If your dog is gung-ho to get to the park as fast as he can, he may be a good candidate for a harness. In Falcons colors, of course.

This harness is $14.20 and fits most large dogs with adjustments.

falcons pet harness

Falcons Fan Paw Magnet

Make sure that all the other drivers on the road know you love your dog and the Falcons. And that your dog loves the Falcons.

This magnetic paw print can adhere to the back of your car, or your fridge. Better get a few for $6.99.

falcons fan paw magnetFalcons Chewy Dog Treats

These chicken flavor treats will be perfect to give your good dog every time the Falcons score. Your dog will be the biggest Falcons fan in the world.

Get this 7 oz. tub of treats for $14.99

falcons dog treatsFalcons Pet Bowl

Your dog will eat, drink, and live Falcons to ensure they are in the Super Bowl come February.

This food or water bowl fits five cups and is dishwasher safe.

Get this bowl for $19.99.

falcons pet bowlWith all this gear your pet will be ready to cheer on your team for the big day. Getting these products now will hopefully ensure that your team wins on Sunday and again in the Super Bowl February 5.

Good luck!

Does your dog have your team's logo on anything he owns? We want to know and see some pictures in the comments below!

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24 NFL Dog Essentials to Get Your Pooch Ready for the Super Bowl