NYC Woman Suing Ex for $32K in Back 'Pet Support'

Posted by Krissy Howard
New York Post

It's not unusual to hear of former spouses being sued for child support, but is back "pet support" too much to ask? One NYC woman doesn't think so. 

According to an original report by the New York Post, New York City marketing director Sarah Bonilla is suing her ex, Josh Rosen, for alimony, a portion of the recent sale of his business, and back "pet support" for the dog they raised together.

The couple was married in 2006, and in that time welcomed an English Bulldog pup named Lola into their lives and home. When they split back in 2012, a separation agreement obligated Rosen to help Bonilla cover the costs associated with raising the dog, but according to his ex-wife, he hasn't paid a penny on his promise.

couple in underground station with their dog, ignoring each other

Bonilla is now suing him for $32,000 in unpaid pet support. She breaks the expenses down as such: $18,000 for dog food, $4,671.56 in veterinary bills, and $12,000 for "other expenses." In addition to paying his share, Rosen agreed to send $200 a month, and have dog food for Lola delivered to Bonilla's Manhattan apartment, neither of which he followed through on.


In addition to the $32,000 in back-owed support for Lola, Bonilla is accusing Rosen, who now lives just across the river in Brooklyn, of neglecting their dog. She also seeks to receive $20,000 in alimony, $80,000 from the sale of Saturdays Surf, the lifestyle business Rosen created and recently sold. The total amount of the settlement case comes to $132,000.

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NYC Woman Suing Ex for $32K in Back 'Pet Support'