NYC Gets Its First Dog Cafe

Posted by Amber King
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You've probably heard of cat cafes, but dogs are finally getting a slice of the action.

New York City's first "dog cafe" will open in the East Village in December 2017. The father-daughter duo behind the brilliant idea wanted a place where they could legally take their dogs and enjoy a bite to eat or sip of coffee. Inspired by the countless cafes in the area where cat-lovers go to play with kittens, they decided to open Boris and Horton (named after their dogs) to give dog owners the full animal-friendly cafe experience.

There are a number of places in the city that allow dogs on the premises, but most are doing it under the radar and violate rules set out by the Department of Health. Boris and Horton will be set up in full compliance with local regulations.

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If you've ever been to a cat cafe, you probably noticed that the animals aren't allowed where the food is served. To meet this requirement, Boris and Horton will be split into two sections separated by a glass wall. One side will be where dogs and humans can hang out, and the other will be where people can order coffee, wine, and other kinds of cafe treats. There will also be a doggy photo booth and a section of dog-friendly merchandise.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes will be welcome, but owners are responsible for ensuring their pups behave appropriately. When owners need to pop over to the other side of the wall to grab a cup of coffee, they'll be able to keep an eye on their dogs through the glass, and cafe staff will be there to temporarily dog-sit.

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The best thing about the new dog cafe will be that the doors will also be open to people who love dogs but don't have their own. It'll be a place where animal lovers of all kind can relax and communicate all in the company of the city's cutest canines. Local animal shelters will also host adoption events on the weekends.

The cafe is still a work in progress, but the plan is to welcome the first puppy patrons in time for the new year.

Do you want to see a dog cafe in your city? Let us know in the comments below.

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NYC Gets Its First Dog Cafe