NYC Dog Owners Find Creative Solutions to Get Their Big Dogs on the Subway

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The New York City subway's rules are pretty straightforward when it comes to animals.

"No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container," say signs in New York subways.

But - and there's always a but - there's one important detail missing. The rules don't specify an animal size requirement or cutoff of any sort.

This omission has not escaped the notice of NYC dog owners, many of whom have gotten creative about exploiting the loophole in order to get their large breed dogs on the subway. And as you're about to see, there are plenty of ways to "contain" your animal.

Take a look at some of the clever interpretations of the subway's animal containment rule:

Just your average husky in a tote bag. No big deal.

Backpacking in style.

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If I fits, I sits.

Traveling in style

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Who says pit bulls can't be purse dogs?


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"I don't know if I like this, but I didn't want to be left at home."

What a cozy tote.


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Briefcases are so overrated. This is the new face (nose, paws, and tail) of commuting.

Commuting is a mess right now.

Nobody will see you in there.

Sure, the rules exist for everyone's benefit, and no one is above them. However, as these forward-thinking NYC dog owners have demonstrated, "everyone" can include our oversized, four-legged carry-ons.

This is a great reminder that you really shouldn't fret when you think you're out of options because there's always a loophole...or, rather, a tote bag.

Have you rode public transit with your dog? Tell us in the comments below!

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NYC Dog Owners Find Creative Solutions to Get Their Big Dogs on the Subway