Nurses Sneak Dog into Hospital to Say Final Goodbye to Elderly Man

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When Missouri resident David King's battle with cancer took a turn for the worse, his wife and close family members came to the hospital to spend their final days with their beloved.

Included in the heartfelt farewells was King's Yorkie Lil Fee, who was snuck into the hospital thanks to a group effort on behalf of King's family members and nurses.

King's granddaughter Ellie Miguel wrote on Twitter:

"My grandpa is losing his battle with cancer so the nurses helped my grandma sneak their dog into the hospital to say goodbye."

The post - accompanied by two images of Lil Fee being smuggled in a purse and sharing a final embrace with her dad - has since gained a lot of attention from those who understand the importance of family, including our four-legged members.

Miguel said in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle:

"The nurses always heard my grandma talking about Lil Fee. So they encouraged her and helped her get the dog in. They had my aunt carry the dog in a really big purse."

According to Miguel, the visit brought so much joy to King that he improved just enough to move in for an embrace, delighted to see the little dog that was always by his side for years.

"For the first time that day, he moved his arm in attempts to pet his Lil Fee," Miguel said. "It was a moment I'll never forget."

Unfortunately, King lost his battle with cancer and passed away last week, but not before being given the opportunity to say goodbye to those he loved.

Would you want your dog or pet to visit you in the hospital? Tell us in the comments!

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Nurses Sneak Dog into Hospital to Say Final Goodbye to Elderly Man