Artificial Intelligence Helps Translate Your Chicken's Clucking

Posted by Stacey Venzel
chicken meme

Science, er, the chickens have spoken.

A team of scientists at Georgia State University of Technology put their heads and their hens together to master the art of chicken talk.

The researchers linked different clucks to unique images, creating a word database. Machines, or artificial intelligence, then used an algorithm to translate the clucks turned pictures into verbal cues patterned to match up with the cadence of human speech.


Chicken lingo, such as the tonality, is shaped by environmental factors. Shrill-sounding hens are reportedly responding to stressful situations, raising their voices much like humans do in moments of intensity.


It turns out, chickens talk a lot of nonsense. Researchers were surprised to learn that a lot of the feathered convos are just gibberish. In other words, they sound like you and your bestie when you haven't seen each other in a whole week.

What do you think your chicken is saying? Tell us in the comments below!

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Artificial Intelligence Helps Translate Your Chicken's Clucking