The Farm Animals Are Never Out of Sight at This British Feed Store

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horses, ducks, and chickens in a feed store? It all happens - plus more - in this delightful video. 

If you own pets or farm animals, then chances are you head to the feed store on a fairly regular basis. But we'll bet that you've never had a trip to the feed store quite like the one in this video!

Imagine watching a horse push a shopping cart through the aisles, and a real live duck hanging out with the decoys. Maybe horses and ponies even staff the feed warehouse, helping you to select just what you need for your livestock.

Thanks to this super creative video and some incredible training, that all comes to life, and more. Take a look!

The video is the product of Mole Valley Farmers, Equine Productions, and trainer Emma Massingale. There's a ton of creativity here, and we love this lighthearted take on what things would be like if animals had their way. The animals played their rolls well, and how could you not fall in love with that palomino pony?

While some pet stores will allow you to bring your cats or dogs in for some shopping, there aren't too many that will allow horses or ponies. Some stores even employ animals. Of course, if stores don't allow animals, that doesn't stop them from sneaking in, like this cat did in order to get to the catnip toys.

One thing's for sure: If a store wants to tug at our heartstrings, they'll include animals in their commercials like Mole Valley Farmers did. It's pretty hard not to adore this creative and fun video!

What do you think of this advertisement? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Farm Animals Are Never Out of Sight at This British Feed Store