Handmade Fence Windows Let Dogs Interact with Passerby and Backyard Friends

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dog fence window
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These puppies find true love through handmade fence windows.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, these fences have the windows to puppy love.

Owners are noticing how forlorn their pups look watching the world go by through wooden slats. Humans see their pooch run up and down chasing the furry friend on the other side that may as well be imaginary.

But that's all changing.

No more do canines have to stare at the blank facade of a fence post all day. Doggy windows, handmade to fit in fences at just the right level, are allowing pups to check out life beyond the yard. And to flirt with the neighbor pup a little more intimately.

Check out these photos of puppy eyes and puppy love redefined when pooches look through holes in their fences.

Flower Power

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Photographic Realism

Two Is Better Than One

Took the long way just to say good morning to these ladies. #morningwalk #fencewindow #blacklab #puppies

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Pie Throwing Contest, Anyone?

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No One Puts Baby in a Box

The Space Cadet

Jail Break

Saw this guy on our walk. His face was resting against the bars. Cutie! #boxer #boxerwindow #fencewindow

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Now that we've got doggy windows covered, should someone be brainstorming ideas for the kitties?

Be sure to keep your pooch safe if you're building a window to the outside world. Screens are an excellent idea so no one gets hurt!

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Handmade Fence Windows Let Dogs Interact with Passerby and Backyard Friends