Now You Can Help Raise Money for Animal Shelters While Playing Pokemon Go

Posted by Mateja Lane

Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation but now there's a way to make it more than just a game. 

If you haven't heard of the new Pokemon game then you must live under a rock. Pokemon Go is the new, wildly popular virtual reality game with the original Pokemon goal to catch them all. But in real life.

With the app on your smartphone you walk around battling people while trying to round up all the Pokemon. It's an inadvertent way to get exercise while essentially geocaching for virtual Pokemon. But now it can be more than a just an app game on your phone.

WoofTrax is also an app for your phone that donates money to animal shelters around the country through advertising. Now the nonprofit is using this Pokemon craze to draw attention to their own cause.

Pokemon Go players can download the WoofTrax app and have it open while they are running around trying to catch them all. The more miles you walk looking for Pokemon, the more money you can help raise for dogs in shelters around the country.

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Now you can feel better about walking into people looking for Pokemon on your phone, because, sorry, you're just trying to raise money for homeless dogs, okay?

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