Not the Brightest Moments for These Dogs Caught on Camera

Posted by Stacey Venzel

This video compilation catches dogs in some of their not-so-fine moments.

Little orphan Annie may have nailed a nickname for these pooches when she sang to her future lovable pup, "Dumb dog, why are you following me?" It sounds a bit crass to refer to a dog as such, especially when we know how smart they can be.

But just like any creature--humans included--we all have our stupid moments.

Unfortunately for these canines, their moments were caught on film. For these dogs, barking at inanimate objects, shadows and their own body parts seems to be almost instinctual. Maybe they had a long day at the office and are lacking in their common sense. Or maybe they really do have a screw or two loose.

We've heard of dogs barking at vacuum cleaners. Who wouldn't be scared of a loud zooming object? To dogs, it probably resembles a menacing robot. But windshield wipers? We're not too sure about that one.

Thankfully for these pooches, they're not the only ones who have had some less intelligent moments. Cats have also been caught showcasing their scaredy cat nature, too.

So we'll give these dogs a break. Instead of calling them stupid, we'll just say they had a senior moment. But we might laugh on their account, because we just can't help ourselves.

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Not the Brightest Moments for These Dogs Caught on Camera