'Not Going Outside': This Is What a Pet Fox Acts Like, Apparently

Posted by Samantha Bubar

This pet fox doesn't give the reaction you'd expect when prompted to go outside.

As the weather cools down and fall arrives, we understand-- it's just much cozier inside.

Between the fluffy tail and the chirpy responses, it's tough to see any option other than giving this guy, Riot, exactly what he wants. Which is obviously to stay right in his snuggle spot of choice.

"Human, do not make me get out of here or so help you. I will glare into your soul with these cute eyes of mine until you leave me alone. And no, I won't get up. You can't make me because look at how cute I am."

Owning a Pet Fox

It is legal to own a fox in only a few states. While foxes may have very dog-like behavior, they are very different from our beloved canine companions. To own a truly domesticated fox, it is very expensive, and in quite a few places, illegal.

On some occasions foxes have been rescued by a wildlife rescue and raised by humans from a very young age. They have lots of energy, despite Riot's performance above, and a very high drive to hunt. They require more attention than a regular dog, and specialized care.

Domestication vs. Taming

Domesticating a fox is very different from taming a fox. Taming a fox is essentially getting a wild animal used to human interaction. Domestication is a very long process involving selective breeding and changes to the animal at the genetic level.

A tame animal may learn to tolerate you but will not show outward affection. The behavior to tolerate interaction with humans is a learned behavior. Domestication results in the animal actually enjoying human interaction.

Like Riot, who is ready for a nap?!

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'Not Going Outside': This Is What a Pet Fox Acts Like, Apparently