Nosy Puppy Caught Red-Handed and Regrets Curiosity

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This nosy puppy may think that his owner has no idea what he's been up to, but the evidence is stuck right to his paws.

Puppies have a habit of getting into things that we really don't want them to find. If there's a piece of food on the floor or a cupboard that's unsecured, you can guarantee that your puppy (or even your dog) will be sure to find it.

That's just the case with this nosy puppy - he's gotten into something that he shouldn't have, but this time he can't get rid of the evidence.

From the looks of it, this nosy puppy found some glue traps that his owner had set out for mice or rats. He's gotten himself right into the middle of things, and the evidence isn't coming off. Take a look at this silly guy.

While it's certainly amusing to watch this pup's unusual walking style, it's not a great idea to leave glue traps out where your pets could get into them. If this pup had been a cat or a long-haired dog, removing the traps could be a long and painful process.

But before you decide to set out mouse or rat bait traps, stop! Mouse and rat poisons are also highly toxic to dogs and cats. Even a tiny amount of this poison can be toxic, as it causes your pet to bleed internally. What's so tragic is that often, by the time that you realize there's an issue and you take your pet to the vet, some pets can't be saved. Please keep this in mind even when you're setting bait traps outside the home - stray cats or your neighbor's pets may get into the traps.

If you have a mouse or rat problem in your home, it's best to bring in an exterminator. Explain that you have pets and ask the exterminator to use pet-safe methods to get rid of the rodent problem.

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Nosy Puppy Caught Red-Handed and Regrets Curiosity