NoBowl Feeding: Now Your Cat Can Be a True Hunter

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While cats were meant to hunt, domesticated life means that many indoor cats don't hunt anymore. The NoBowl feeding system could change that. 

In nature, cats hunt for every meal. Hunting keeps them active, gives them mental stimulation, and helps to prevent boredom. But domesticated cats, especially those who are kept indoors, don't have to hunt anymore.

In fact, their meals are provided to them in bowls, so there's little reason for cats to move about or make any effort to hunt. This can lead to obesity, boredom, and even negative behaviors in cats. And that's why the NoBowl feeding system was created.


Dr. Liz Bales, a veterinarian, saw many cats come into her office. She noticed that many of her patients would benefit from hunting inside the home, but was aware that there was no practical way to encourage cats to hunt indoors. So Dr. Bales set out to create a solution to this problem.

Dr. Bales designed the NoBowl feeding system to mimic the prey that cats would naturally hunt. The NoBowl itself is an oval shaped food dispenser with two holes. You can fill it with kibble and slip it into the NoBowl skin, a fabric lining which makes the NoBowl look like a mouse.

NoBowl feeders provide your cat with smaller portions of food, which is similar to how he would eat in the wild. Your cat can hunt the NoBowls, play with them, and be rewarded with food.

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There are many advantages to the NoBowl feeding system. Cats have a natural cycle in their lives. They hunt and play, eat, groom themselves, sleep, and begin the cycle all over again.

Additionally, NoBowl can help to encourage your cat to sleep through the night, stop your cat from scarfing and then throwing up his food, and can even decrease or stop bad behavior. Your cat can get exercise and can better manage his weight.

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Interested in learning more about NoBowl? Be sure to check out the website with lots more information, including details on ordering this new feeding system.

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NoBowl Feeding: Now Your Cat Can Be a True Hunter