All Cats Most Likely Need These Crocheted Viking Hats

Posted by Tori Holmes
Viking hats for cats
All images via iheartneedlework / Etsy

These are works of art. 

Earlier this week we found out that our favorite feline companions may potentially be Vikings. For obvious reasons, we're pretty excited about this news.

As it turns out, we're not the only ones who thought that our kitties needed their very own tiny Viking hats to show off their newly discovered heritage.

Etsy seller iheartneedlework has crafted a handful of custom-made Viking hats, specifically for cats. Made from 100% acrylic yarn, these adorable hats can be tailored to fit your cat's head - and don't worry, they have ear holes built in!


For the very reasonable price of $25 USD, your cat can have their very own, custom-made Viking hat.

Not only is this knitted hat cute, it will keep their little heads warm in case they ever want to go back to the land of ice and snow to learn more about their ancestry.


If you ask us, the quickest way to teach your cat about their family tree is by securing their very own Viking hat to their head. With this new headgear, they'll be ready to charge into any battle they find themselves in, be it with the family dog or that uncatchable red dot.

Now you just need your own little ships, Viking kitties!

All images via iheartneedlework / Etsy

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All Cats Most Likely Need These Crocheted Viking Hats