Lacking a Sheepdog, Tech-Savvy Farmer Uses Drone to Herd Sheep

Posted by Paige Cerulli
herding sheep with a drone

When you don't have a sheepdog, how do you get the sheep into a pen? This farmer's solution is pretty innovative: using a drone. 

Drones have become pretty popular in the past few years, but usually they're used for their video and photo-capturing capabilities. They give you a unique point of view, but aside from that they don't accomplish a whole lot - until now. When one farmer didn't have a sheepdog, he decided to put the drone to the test. The results will amaze you.

Sheepdogs are highly effective in herding and controlling large herds of sheep. Highly athletic and energetic, well-trained herding dogs understand how to move the sheep where their owner directs. They are highly intelligent and make what could be a tough task much easier; they are an essential tool on any sheep farm.

Unless you have a drone handy, that is. Check out this incredible video.

As it turns out, the drone worked pretty flawlessly in gathering up the sheep and herding them in the right direction. The sheep were clearly aware of the drone's presence, and they were afraid of it enough to move away from it. It may have taken a little longer than it would have taken with a sheepdog, but it was pretty effective overall.

Will we see drones replacing sheepdogs on ranches? We hope not. Sheepdogs are highly skilled and can control sheep herds with more accuracy than a drone can. Additionally, the drone method only works until the sheep get used to the drone and are no longer afraid of it. A sheepdog, with its barking and bared teeth, is far more motivating.

If you do have a drone, operate it with caution around farm animals, especially horses. There have already been instances where horses have been scared by drones, and you don't want to cause an accident or injury to a horse or rider with your drone.

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Lacking a Sheepdog, Tech-Savvy Farmer Uses Drone to Herd Sheep