No Horse? No Problem. Girl Trains Cow to Jump Instead

Posted by Paige Cerulli
woman riding cow
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When you dream of show jumping but don't have a horse, what do you do? Easy - you train a cow to jump. 

If you were ever a horse-loving girl, then you may know the agony of not being able to have a horse of your own. Whether it was due to finances or lack of time, chances are you dreamed of having your own horse to care for, ride, and love.

But Hannah Simpson of New Zealand found a solution in the form of a cow named Lilac. Simpson simply trained the cow to jump since she was lacking in the horse department.

Simpson works on a dairy farm, and while cows are plentiful, horses are not. The young girl was 11 when she began riding Lilac the cow, who was six months old at the time.

But the process wasn't always a smooth one, and Simpson, who is now 18, has been repeatedly bucked off Lilac.

Simpson always had dreams of show jumping, and when she noticed that Lilac repeatedly jumped out of the cow shed, she put two and two together and decided to train the cow to jump.

She started by asking Lilac to step over logs, then progressed to tackling larger obstacles. Now, Lilac can jump an impressive four and a half feet.

Today, Simpson rides Lilac bareback, using a halter and a stick to encourage Lilac forward when necessary. Simpson tried riding with a saddle once, but Lilac didn't enjoy the experience.

Simpson also tried to ride other cows, but wasn't too successful. It seems that she and Lilac have a special bond and understanding.

Simpson rides Lilac almost daily. While the pair will likely never see a competition ring, they certainly make quite a sight when they go out on long walks around the property. And Simpson's dreams of having a horse did come true; she got a horse about two years ago.

But Simpson still rides Lilac. After all, there are plenty of show jumping horses out there. But a show jumping cow? That's something that you don't see everyday.

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No Horse? No Problem. Girl Trains Cow to Jump Instead