Nissan Has Gone to the Dogs with the X-Trail 4Dogs Car Concept

Posted by Mateja Lane

A 360-degree built-in shower??

The Nissan X-Trail was made with dirty dogs in mind.

From its ramp into the padded rear compartment, the built-in shower hose and dryer, the clip-in harness to keep your dog in place, the water bowl and treat dispenser, to the two-way camera with audio into the back, this car has gone to the dogs.

Who is ready for an adventure? The Nissan X-Trail was made for dog owners from a designer who clearly knows the frustrations of a dirty dog. Did you see that look of jealousy from the other dog owner as he watches the other dog get a bath before he jumps in the car?

"It's clear from the research that for dog owners, dogs are a key part of their family. Ensuring their pet's needs are catered for, is often just as important as making sure the children are comfortable and happy. The Nissan X-Trail is a car that's built for family and adventures, and the X-Trail 4Dogs concept takes that to the next level", said Ryan Gains, X-Trail Chief Marketing Manager.

Nissan has yet to make an official announcement as to when the Nissan X-Trail with all the cool features in the video will be made available, but they have a lot of dog owners excited!

Would you buy this car? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nissan Has Gone to the Dogs with the X-Trail 4Dogs Car Concept