Nine Beagles Rescued from Lab Testing Feel Grass for the First Time

Posted by Krissy Howard

Nine beagles used as laboratory testing animals their entire life run free for the first time thanks to Beagle Freedom Project. 

For many animals unfortunate enough to be held captive and used for laboratory testing, the confines of their cages will be the only home they ever know. Thanks to the efforts of one rescue group, several hundred have made it out of the lab and into their forever homes, a number that continues to grow thanks to the efforts of volunteers and supporters.

Nine lucky beagles took "freedom ride" to a new level after being rescued from a product testing facility in Nevada back in 2014. Living their entire lives in small cages up until this point, deprived of love, human touch, and even a name, the fearful group was transported to an outdoor area where onlookers awaited their arrival.

Each given a name and some much-needed TLC from kind hands, the beagles were then released to explore a fenced in-yard. Running free, socializing, and touching grass for the first time in their entire lives, they look happier than ever.

The beagles took to one another in no time, engaging in the play deprived of them for so long, and even braving to sniff the hand of an unfamiliar human or two for a delicious treat.

Who is to thank for their rescue, rehabilitation, and release? The good people of the Beagle Freedom Project, a Los Angeles-based rescue founded in 2010.

Known as an ARME (animal rescue, media, and education) non-profit, Beagle Freedom Project negotiates with labs around the world to secure the release of dogs and other animals from laboratory testing, finally giving them a chance at a normal life filled with love and kindness.

Additionally, the group uses these rescues to draw attention to the suffering lab animals are forced to endure, promoting cruelty-free lifestyle choices anyone can make to help prevent and discourage the practice of animal testing.

To date, Beagle Freedom Project has rescued over 500 beagles and other dogs, cats, rabbits, ponies, goats, and even goldfish from laboratory facilities, and continue to work to end animal testing once and for all.

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Nine Beagles Rescued from Lab Testing Feel Grass for the First Time